Can You See Who Views Your Instagram? Yes, with our tool!

Imagine this situation – you have posted an awesome picture on Instagram and nobody has liked or commented on it. How would you feel? Offended, right! All of us share our pictures with the hope that it will get liked by most of our followers, if not all!

However, there are situations when the post is viewed by many but does not get the required amount of likes or comments. In fact, sometimes your picture may not get a single like, which could be devastating. After facing a similar situation, do you often wonder whether, ‘you can see who views your Instagram post or profile?’ Well, I confess; I do!

Instagram is an addictive social networking site that attracts more traffic in comparison to any other visual social media site like Pinterest. Moreover, with my Instagram business account, I can engage with my audience easily; thereby, enhancing the number of repeat customers. This is the reason; why I am keen to know who viewed my Instagram profile.

Officially, Instagram will not let me know who is looking at my content. There is an option to know who is watching all my stories but no way to know who is viewing my Instagram posts or pictures. So, to search for a solution, I started reading several websites on the Internet. Finally, I came across a tool that can help me out. It is an impressive tool that has been built especially for people like me who are curious to know who viewed my Instagram.

So, I thought of giving it a try! And, I am glad that it worked exactly how I wanted! The tool calculates my Instagram activities and provides data for all those users who have interacted with me recently. It is an easy way to know who viewed my Instagram profile in the past one month, week or even the same day. Using the tool is easy as I only have to mention my Instagram username. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can acquire a list of visitors who have viewed my Instagram profile in the last 30 days.   

The software is safe to use and I can completely vouch for that! The visitors will not know that I have used the tool. Your credentials will stay absolutely safe and won’t be shared with anyone. I have recommended the software to all my colleagues as it can bring a lot of benefits to our business.

The tool will not only display who looked at your Instagram account but will also provide information on the list of visitors who like your pictures the most, commented most of the time, tagged you in their photos, sent you a message, and much more. The list will include name of the person as well as their location. Additionally, by using the tool, I can even know who unfollowed me on Instagram in the past week. Cool, isn’t it?

However, ensure that your Insta account is not private, as you won’t be able to obtain the benefits of the tool. Only if your account is public, you can know who viewed your Instagram profile by using this wonderful software. So, make your account public, and start using this smart tool right away! Think about the happiness it will bring to you, when you get to know that your crush or competitor is looking at your Instagram page!