Can You See Who Views Your Facebook

Being a social media addict, I have always wanted to know who viewed my facebook account. Facebook has constantly been my favorite social networking site as it provides a whole lot of benefits. Here, I can chat with clients, family, or friends, meet new people, earn by selling stuffs, make a fun group, gain knowledge, know what’s going on with my friends, and much more. With all these advantages, my friends list has grown considerably in the last few years.

I am on Facebook for most of the time and I always wonder who viewed my facebook profile today! It is very easy to know who views your profile on LinkedIn by becoming a premium member, but I was unable to find that facility on Facebook. So, one fine day I started searching online on the hot topic of the year, ‘can you see who views your facebook?’  

Is this tool official?

In the first few searches on Google, I realized that it was not officially possible to see who viewed my facebook account, but after digging for a while, I came across a wonderful tool that allows me to view people who visited my facebook profile. Wow! Isn’t that great!

Whenever I share a post on my facebook timeline, there are some friends who like it, while there are others who share and comment on it. However, some of them read my posts but do not respond at all. So, there isn’t any way to know how many people actually read the post and left without responding. Some people even reach my facebook profile page just to see my previous posts and shares and I wonder who they are!

Now, with the amazing tool that I have found online, I will be able to know who viewed my facebook profile without any worries. It has provided an opportunity for me to trick the massive social media giant – Facebook and acquire the most important information as to who is accessing my social media account. Amazing, isn’t it?  

Is it easy to use?

The tool is super easy to use. I just need to fill in my username or email. Within a few seconds, I will get a list of people who viewed my facebook profile in the past day or 7days or 30 days. The tool is safe to use as no one else will get to know that you have used the software to know the number of people who can see my facebook account or profile.

All of us know that facebook has always been against sharing this information with users. This is the reason; the tool has been created in such a way that even Facebook will not be able to know that I have used it. So, it is a completely safe and secured way to know the number of people who are viewing my facebook account.

Personally, I found the tool to be extremely tempting and gave it a try on the same day that I discovered it. And, believe me; it worked! I was literally jumping with joy as I could now find out who viewed my facebook profile. So, what are you waiting for? If you too are inquisitive to know who is watching you or viewing your facebook profile then start using this wonderful tool right now. You will be amazed with its results!