Who Viewed My Instagram

Who Viewed My Instagram

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile – Tool That Shows Who Watches You

Introduction to Instagram

All of us have heard this common phrase; ‘a picture is worth a thousand words!’ And, with that hope; you post a picture on Instagram and keep waiting anxiously for likes and comments to be made by the huge Instagram community. However, just like millions of other images posted on the famous Instagram app, your picture gets lost somewhere in the World Wide Web and it does not acquire likes or comments as expected. How would you feel? Upsetting, isn’t it? I go through the same feelings when my pictures do not get a good amount of likes, shares, and comments.


Instagram is one of the most popular photos sharing social networking site. It provides benefits to people with varied skills. The amazing pictures that you post can gather plenty of likes, and on the other hand, it can be a wonderful marketing tool for businesses. Especially nonprofits and small businesses should use Instagram for marketing their products as the popularity of IG is growing considerably each day and can thus make your company a brand.

But, what if you are unable to acquire plenty of likes or comments on whatever you post! How will you know your marketing mistakes? How will you try to rectify them? Personally, whenever I go somewhere out, I make it a point to click pictures that are Instagram worthy. After putting in such a lot of efforts to get the perfect click, if the picture does not get the estimated number of shares or likes, I feel extremely disappointed. And, the worst part is that I don’t even get to know who all have reached my picture and decided not to respond on it!

Getting to know this tool

This is when I realized that there should be some way to know who viewed my Instagram so that I can at least come to a conclusion that my picture was noticed by all but did not receive the expected responses. My next several days were spent in asking a single question to all of my social networking friends; can you see who views your Instagram? Sadly, I did not get a good response from any of them!

With my research, I realized that officially, Instagram does not allow anyone to know who viewed their Instagram account, photos, or profile. You can know who viewed your Instagram stories and in what order by tapping on your icon on top-left side of the homepage. However, there wasn’t any option to see how many people viewed your post or picture. That certainly was devastating; but, I did not lose hope!

I kept researching and studying online to find some way to know who views my Instagram profile or who is stalking my Instagram account. Only when I get to know my viewers on Instagram, I would know how popular I am on the app, which was a paramount necessity for me. So, I kept searching on Google and finally came across a wonderful tool that can actually let me know who viewed my Instagram profile.

Wow! What a relief that was! I was absolutely thrilled! Without wasting any time, I researched more on the tool as I obviously cannot risk my Instagram account for any such tools. Only after I was completely satisfied with the tool, I thought of giving it a shot! Believe me; the tool did not disappoint me at all!

With the tool, I was able to get a list of people who had checked my Instagram account in the last one month. Now, I could know how many members of the IG community were looking at my pictures but not commenting or liking it. With the tool, I could even download the list of people who viewed my Instagram profile the most on certain days. In addition, I could even know if someone has blocked or un-followed my Instagram account. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

To make it easier for you to take a decision for yourself, I have listed some of the wonderful features of this awesome tool:

  • The tool is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. A newbie can also use it without any worries.
  • It is absolutely safe to use, as neither Instagram nor its community members will know that you have used any such tool.
  • You can use the tool on iOS, Android, as well as Windows.
  • Installing the tool is quick and easy.

Impressive, right? With this amazing tool, I can now get to know who is stalking my Instagram account. So, if you too are anxious to know who viewed your Instagram profile, use this tool instantly! I have already recommended the tool to all my close friends and would certainly suggest you to use it too! So, the query; can you see who views your Instagram has finally been solved as you can now use the aforesaid app to know who viewed your Instagram within seconds.


Who Viewed My Instagram


  1. Wow such a nice tool!! Love to see how some of people checks my profile more often than others but don’t like anything. Niceee!

  2. This is going to be akward for my jealous friends lol! This tool works perfectly and now I can know which girl likes me and what friends are jealous . THANK YOU

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